Gentleman Striped Tuxedo

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ABSOLUTELY CHARMING!! Does this get any more adorable? Your dog will steal everyone's heart! He will love all the attention he will get wearing this. Your dog will be the star of the show because of how sharp and elegant he will look. He will be prancing around with attitude because he will know he is dapper. He will be the best dressed at any party! It is a perfect replica of a human tuxedo, complete with tails. This suit definitely gets people's attention, makes your dog look quite posh and is of course is super cute. Have you been searching online endlessly trying to find an affordable but befitting doggy tuxedo? This it it! You won't regret it. Planning on having your dog at your upcoming wedding? Your guests will LOVE it. But be warned, your pups paws may rarely hit the floor - because everyone will want to hold him. He'll be the hit of the ceremony and imagine how adorable he'll look in your wedding photos. So whether your planning a wedding or just want you little boy to look amazing you can not go wrong with this Gentleman Striped Tuxedo!!