Flea + Tick Prevention For Dogs

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Help your pets avoid the threat of fleas!  One thing that dog and cat lovers hate are the fleas that ultimately find their way onto their beloved pet and into the home. If you see your pet twisting into pretzle-like shapes trying to scratch certain body parts, chances are they have an allergy to the saliva of fleas -- or flea allergy dermatitis. The best approach to managing an infestation is prevention. Giving your pet frequent baths, regularly cleaning your pet's bedding and vacuuming furniture, rugs and floors will help break the flea's life cycle. It is important to start treatment before there is a flea problem. One or two fleas can quickly become hundreds of fleas on your pet, so treating fleas fast is important. 

We recommend NATURAWL Spray Away Flea + Tick Prevention For Dogs.  All natural mist safe for dogs and humans.  Specially formulated blend of essential oils for flea + tick prevention.