Our Story


I am a stay-at-home mother to 3 girls and 5 fur kids. We have two dogs and three cats, Angel, Chief, Little Kit, Phoebe and Roxy. Our most prized pet is Angel. She is a tiny little chihuahua. She is full grown and might be 3 pounds. I searched the internet, for what seemed like forever, until I found the perfect puppy. I sent the deposit and waited... We were all so excited to pick her up (8 hours away). Of course, nothing ever goes as planned. It turned out, she was so small that the breeder wanted to keep her for another month before letting her go to her new home. We were really bummed out, to say the least.  A few weeks later, I got an email saying your puppy is ready to go. You can pick her up now. So, I got the puppy supplies and took off on an 8 hour drive. I finally got there and looked over and saw a woman holding the tiniest little puppy I've ever seen. She was so small. She was so cute. No one was going to believe how tiny she is. I even thought she was going to be bigger. The wait and the money was all worth it. Today, she is the best dog we could have ever asked for. We dress her up and carry her around everywhere with us. My daughters and I are always online, so one day we started talking about building a website together. Everyone was in agreement on a dog website and that is how Puptoria was born. We all know and understand how important quality is to pet owners. Our mission is to bring you the best products, in-style, and at reasonable prices. Puptoria will continue to grow and achieve our goals!

Our Community

Our community of followers and supporters is what keeps Puptoria going. We love our supporters and are always trying to give back whether it's offering amazing deals or giveaways. If you follow us on instagram and facebook or sign up for our newsletter you will have chances for giveaways and promotions. Also you will be caught up with all of our new products.



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